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Companion features...

Design with powerful care focused innovations.

Setup and usability...

Shower proof.png

Ready to use out of the box
Companion personalise your watch so it's ready to use.

Companion Icons All_Easy to see time.png

Make a splash
IP67 rated so you can wear the watch in the shower.

Fits any wrist.png

Fits any wrist
Adjustable strap fits wrists between 95 and 195mm in diameter.

Digital Display.png

Discrete digital display
Shows clear information only when required.

Companion Icons-09.png

Easy to see the time
Clear analog face with synchronised time.

Hard of hearing.png

Hard of hearing
Haptic feedback and a loud built in speaker.

Companion Icons All_Charger.png

Simple charging dock
Watch slots easily into the charging dock.

Battery Life.png

Class leading battery life
Average 6 days between recharges.

setup an usability

Communication and connectivity...

communication and connectivity

Reassuringly connected to the people who care about you.

works anywhere.JPG

Works anywhere
In the house or out and about using a built in mobile network sim card.

makes calls.JPG

Telephone calls
Make and receive support network calls from your wrist.

no phone required.jpg

No phone, hub or WiFi needed
The watch does not need additional technology to work.

Support Network.png

Support network connected
Securely sharing details with those who look after you.

Safety features...

Always looking out for you.

sos button Icon.png

Emergency SOS button
If pressed, alerts and a voice call are automatically triggered to the support network.

Fall detection icon.png

Falls detection
If you have a hard fall, alerts can be raised with your support network.


No movement prompts
Helping you avoid sedentary periods with prompts on the watch face and alerts if ignored.

Geo Fence Alerts.png

GEO fence monitoring
We alert your support network if you wander beyond a virtual boundary set based on your requirements.

Track home or safe zone.png

Step by step GPS tracking
To help find you in an emergency.

alerts and alarms Icon.png

Alerts and alarms
If things go wrong companion raised various alerts and alarms to help get support quickly.

Safety features
These Companion safety features are configured to meet your current mental and physical wellness...
Physical wellness...

A fitness companion on your wrist.

Heart RateV2.png

Heart rate
Readings taken 24 hours per day.
HR variability and trend analysis available via the app.

Companion Icons-12.png

Activity and steps
The watch provides the wearer with a daily activity %.

Respiratory Rate.png

Respiratory rate
Respiratory rate and trend analysis available via the app.

sharing data icon.png

Securely share metrics
GPs can make informed decisions and interventions based on your data.

physical wellness
The Companion service and app...
Companion Icons All_Companion App.png

Web and app connected
Use the App to access Companion service features.

Track home or safe zone.png

Emergency GPS tracking
User consent allows the support network to find the watch wearer in an emergency.

Support Network.png

Support network connected
We setup the contact address book before the watch is dispatched. Use the web app to add and change contact details.

Companion Icons All_Support Specialist.png

UK based support
Our Companion Specialists have extensive experience in Care and Technology.

Alert Management.png

Alert triage management
Alerts can be routed to support contacts based on date/time availability schedules.

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companion service
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