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GPS tracking...

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To help find you quickly in an emergency.

Your Companion watch comes complete with GPS tracking, offering the support network reassurance of knowing that they can quickly locate the watch wearer with just the click of a button.

In the event of an emergency, such as wandering, falling, or triggering the SOS button, the watch GPS location can be securely shared with the support network via email and the Companion app.

How it works...


The Companion charging dock broadcasts a boundary signal, letting the watch know it's at 'home'.

Safe Zone.png

A Safe Zone is a geofence boundary which can be setup in the Companion service app.

Geo Fence Alerts.png

If the watch leaves the 'home' or the Safe Zone, then alerts can be raised to the support network based on your configured rules.

Track home or safe zone.png

Alert emails and the service app securely share the watch GPS location on a map.

Wandering alarms...

With a safe zone (geofence) boundary, setup in the Companion service, if the watch leaves this safe area, you will receive an alert.

The alert includes the watch's current GPS location on a map so you can locate your loved one quickly and return them home safely.

Devices_Mum Wandering 1.png
Finding mum quickly...
  • In this example, Mum wakes at midnight and leaves the home.

  • A Companion safe zone boundary alert is raised to the support network.


  • The support network use the GPS location map on their mobile phone to find Mum.


  • Mum is back home safety.

Take away the worry and guesswork...

"Mum's dementia has worsened lately and she gets confused and disorientated more regularly. The companion watch safe zone alerts, and GPS tracking helps us find her quickly when she wanders too far"

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