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Alerts and alarms...

Companion cleverly connects the watch wearer to the people that care about them.

If things go wrong or Companion detects an issue, various alerts and alarms are raised quickly to the support network contacts.

How it works...

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Companion helps pre-configure support network contacts and alert distribution settings.

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If Companion detects an issue, alerts are broadcasted using its built-in network connection.

Alert Management.png

Companion delivers realtime alerts to the support network contacts, based on alert distribution settings.

Companion Icons All_Companion App.png

Alert distribution and contacts details can be changed at any time using the Companion app.

What's monitored...

Companion is personalised to the needs and outcomes of the wearer by monitoring either some or all of these features...

sos button Icon.png

SOS button
If the dedicated emergency SOS button is pressed, alerts and a voice call are automatically triggered.

Geo Fence Alerts.png

Wandering alerts
If needed, alerts can be raised if the Companion watch leaves the safety of 'home' or a virtual geo-fence boundary.

Fall detection icon.png

Falls detection
If a hard fall is detected, and the wearer don't cancel the on screen prompt, an alert is raised.

Battery Life.png

Low or empty battery
Alerts are raised to help ensure the watch is always charged.

Companion Icons All_Lost Connection.png

Lost network connectivity
Companion can raise an alert if the watch becomes disconnected from the network.


Periods of no movement
Helping the wearer avoid sedentary periods with on-screen prompts.

room occupancy.png
How alerts are distributed...
Alert Management.png

Mobile phone notification alerts
The Companion app will raise notification alerts on any device where the app is installed throughout the support network. The app or web portal provides more detail about the alert.

automated call icon.png

Telephone call alerts
Companion cleverly calls the agreed support network contacts, and when prompted, a call with the watch is initiated.

Companion Icons All-22.png

Email alerts
Companion email alerts provide enough detail to help the support network, without the need to log into the app or web portal.

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Keep connected...
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"I'm comforted by the fact that my family are alerted whenever I fall or I can raise an alarm if necessary by pressing the SOS button on the watch"

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