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Physical wellness...

Companion watch empowers the wearer and support network to keep a close eye on wellbeing.

Companion measures activity goals and movement, plus heart and respiratory rates of the wearer. Wellbeing data and analysis is then made available securely within the Companion app.

What Companion monitors...

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Companion monitors  movement activity 24 hours a day.


Alerts are raised if the watch is not worn or the watch detects no movement.

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Track your activity goal on the watch and within the Companion app.

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Heart rate readings are recorded every 10 minutes (30 minutes at night).

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Health metrics analysis available via the Companion app.

Why Companion wellbeing metrics are important

Whether you want to track your data for peace of mind, or to help identify patterns, the watch wearer and support network have easy access to important wellbeing metrics. These can be shared with healthcare professionals to illustrate concerns.

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Activity is an essential ingredient to physical wellness, particularly in later life. Exercise, even light, can help to improve mood, sleep patterns, motor skills and memory. Research has repeatedly shown a clear link between physical activity and cognitive performance. 

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Heart rate monitoring can provide an insight into the health of your heart and your body as a whole. For example, a resting heart rate that is too fast may be a sign of stress, sleep deprivation or an underlying heart condition.

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Monitoring respiration can help to detect the first signs of deterioration in the watch wearer’s general health. In such cases the body will respond by fighting to maintain the correct level of oxygen, and this may well be reflected in the data shown in the Companion app.

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A change in respiratory rate can indicate respiratory failure. Studies show people who suffer cardiac and respiratory events could have been warned up to 24 hours in advance simply by monitoring respiratory rate.

Take control now...
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"I'm delighted to share data with my son which shows the health benefits of my activity and allows me to make changes where needed. It's reassuring for him - and for me"

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