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Cognitive impairment support...

Companion watch is a great aid to daily living for people with dementia, learning disabilities and similar cognitive impairments.

Whether it's peace of mind to identify their location, or just a check-in on daily activity, Companion can help connect individuals with their loved ones and wider support network.

Key features include...

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Geofence boundaries
Virtual 'home' and 'safe zone' boundaries can be setup to monitor and alert the support network if exceeded.

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GPS tracking
GPS location maps are securely shared with the support network if alerts are raised or tracking is activated.

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Wellness monitoring
Companion measures activity goals and movement, plus heart and respiratory rates of the wearer.

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The Companion app 
The support network can securely access your GPS tracking and wellness information via the web portal or the Companion app.

Reducing confusion and anxiety...

New technology can be daunting so we configure your Companion to the needs of the watch wearer.

Cognitive support

Cognitive Support configuration limits the wearer’s ability to operate some functions of the watch, reducing the chance of confusion or anxiety.

The following cognitive and dementia support settings are applied to the watch before the watch is dispatched. These configurations can be changed through the Companion app at any time:

  • Emergency alerts, like falls detection, are automatically activated.

  • Network support calls to the watch are auto answered.

  • Companion watch menu features, like the contact address book and mode options, are removed.

Dementia support

For those with dementia, Companion is simply a stylish timepiece. All the wearer has to do is put the Companion watch on in the morning, and return it to its charging cradle when the battery is low, with assistance if required.

In the dementia support configuration setting the watch has all its interactive features turned off, removing the need to interact with the watch. Behind the scenes the watch continues to collect wellness data, tracking GPS location detail and will raise an alarm to the support network in the event of a fall. This ensures the watch wearer is being safely monitored with minimal confusion.​

Dementia support settings, in addition to the cognitive support settings include:

  • Non-essential watch alarms, like battery low, are quietened.

  • The SOS button is disabled to prevent false alarms.

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Help along the journey...

Changes in a persons condition means Companion needs to change too.

Your Companion can be reconfigured to reflect your new activities and routines, ensuring consistent support for you and your care network.

Peace of mind...
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I was looking for something that my aunt, who has dementia, would happily wear and could detect where she was for her safety and this watch filled both those criteria, so I’d highly recommend, it’s given me peace of mind.

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