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Active elderly support...

Your friends, family and wider support network can rest easy knowing your Companion watch will alert them if something goes wrong.

For active elderly or people with disabilities Companion will empower you to stay independent, providing the reassurance that if something goes wrong your Companion will connect you to the people who care about you.

Independence features...

Helping you stay active, well and safe.

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Hard falls monitoring
If you have a fall, alerts can be raised with your support network. They can find you quickly with GPS tracking and a voice call.

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Emergency SOS button
If pressed, alerts and a voice call are triggered to your support network, helping them find you quickly with GPS tracking.

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Physical wellness
Companion helps you keep active, measure your heart rate and analyse your resting heart and respiratory variability trends.

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The Companion app 
Giving you and your support network secure access to wellness and watch information.

Full control of your Companion...

Our 'independence' configuration, for active elderly people means you have full control over your watch and its features...


  • Making calls from the watch address book (names list)

  • Choose whether to accept or cancel calls to the watch

  • Set watch modes (flight, silent, normal)

  • GPS tracking is automatically activated in an emergency.

Reducing NHS pressure...
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I would very much recommend this device to others, as it has definitely allowed the family to intervene rather than Granddad using 111 and 999.

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