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Help on hand in the event of a bathroom fall

Did you know that most falls occur in the bathroom?

Falls account for approximately 60% of all injury related A&E visits, and if you slip and fall in the bathroom, there is a good chance that you will suffer an injury and will need assistance.

Consider using a falls alarm for reassurance

A Companion Watch is always on hand to help keep the wearer living independently for as long as possible, provides reassurance in the event of a fall.

  • The Companion Watch is water resistant and so can be warn in the bath or shower.

  • It comes complete with fall detection technology which automatically raises an alert if a hard fall is detected. This is important as the wearer may lose consciousness or not be able to raise the alarm themselves.

  • In the event of a soft fall, the wearer can press the discrete SOS button, located on the watch to raise help.

  • The watch raises various alerts to the wearers support contacts ensuring help is provided swiftly.


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