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A watch that monitors
health and wellbeing...

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Cutting edge connectivity...

Discrete SOS button to raise help...

and calls for help
in an 

how a companion helps

Always reassuringly on hand...

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OS Button

A dedicated SOS button on the watch provides a lifeline voice telephone call between the wearer and the people who care for them.

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lls Detection

A Companion Watch ensures alerts are raised quickly and the wearer's GPS location shared with those who can help.

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Impairment Friendly

Safe Zone alerts provide a great aid to daily living for people with cognitive impairments and their support network.

and Health

Helping the wearer keep active and informed about changes to heart and respiratory rates. Ideal for managing long term conditions.

Elegant, personalised, caring...

the benefits of a companion

Safety reassured: helping people remain independent at home.

Peace of mind: for the wearer and their love ones.

Personalised to the wearer and their support network: adapting to changing activity and routines.

GPS tracking: activated in an emergency and securely shared with those that care.

Dementia, stroke and acquired brain injury friendly: with features that support cognitive impairments.

Companion app and web portal: 
Securely sharing vital information with family and healthcare professionals.

No call centre required: up to 8 familiar support contacts receive and respond to the wearers alerts.

Your dedicated companion advisor: will personalise your watch and is always on hand for any ongoing support.

Packed with cutting edge features...

yet so familiar and simple to use

A dignified timepieceNo complicated connectivity. A Companion Watch works straight out the box.

Help always on hand: day and night, inside or outside the home.

Waterproof: wear the watch in the bath or shower.

Long battery life: Averaging 120 hours from a 1 hour charge on the simple charging dock.

Soft leather strap: fits any wrist, or personalise your strap with the standard 22mm connector.

Loud and clear voice calls: through the watch, with haptic feedback prompts.

Clever alert deliverytelephone calls and a Companion App for alert recipients.

Future proof: LTE-M connectivity provides better signal coverage compared to traditional mobile sim connected devices.

Independently reviewed...

"From design to support calls the wearer is included and treated as a person. Empowering the user to live safety and independently is the name of the game. It can be adjusted to reflect the needs and abilities of the wearer too, be that disabling sounds and alerts to reduce confusion and anxiety for people with dementia or add geofence alerts for managing wandering concerns."

"I love it. People just don't believe it's a personal alarm watch. I'm not embarrassed to wear it and in fact I get a lot of compliments."

Customer recommended...

rated 'excellent' on

by our customers

Peace of mind...

I bought a companion watch for my aunt who has dementia. I was looking for something that my aunt would happily wear and could detect where she was for her safety and this watch filled both those criteria, so I’d highly recommend, it’s given me peace of mind.

We’ve had an excellent experience...

Highly recommended to anyone who has a person the need to monitor for falls or who may get lost outside.

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We’ve had an excellent experience...

Mum wears her companion watch day and night. She shares her heart rate activity from before, during and after a health condition episode, with her GP who can then see the impact of medication changes.

Heath and Care Professionals... 

a watch that empowers the people you look after

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Promoting patient independence

Empowering self-management of physica health, supporting remote patient recovery and wellbeing.

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Remote safety and reassurance

Securely connecting remote people, carers and the wider support network, in an emergency.

Cognative imparment friendly

A desirable watch with safety features like safe zone alerts.

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Better health and wellbeing

Encouraging daily activity and movement, whilst monitoring heart and respiratory rates.

Affordable reassurance...

No hidden extrasPrices include free delivery, free setup, free personalised getting started help and support.

Money back guaranteeIf not completely satisfied, simply return the Companion within 30 days.

Next day delivery: Orders placed before 1pm get delivered next working day.

Help always on call: Your personal companion advisor is only a phone call away.

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We work directly with self-funders and now support OT's, reablement services, domiciliary care providers, supported living, residential settings, ICS's and local authorities.

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