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Sharing your wellbeing metrics...

Your Companion watch can help healthcare professionals make more informed decisions about your wellbeing.

Health professionals are embracing the benefits of care technology that provide insights into the wellbeing of people while they continue with their daily life. This allows them to see longer term activity and patterns rather than snapshots at appointments, consultations or intermittent manual monitoring.

How Companion can help...

Companion gathers important wellness data which can be made available to your support network.

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24 hour monitoring
With an average 4 days between charges, your Companion will gather important wellness data, day and night.

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Physical wellness
Companion continuously measures your movement, inactivity, resting and regular heart rate, as well as analysis of your respiratory rate.

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The Companion app 
Your authorised support network can securely access your wellness data via the web portal or the Companion app.

Informing care interventions...
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Mum wears her companion watch day and night. She can show her GP heart rate activity from before, during and after a health condition episode. Sharing her health metrics data means the GP can see the impact of medication changes.

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