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How Companion is helping tackle cardiovascular disease...

Companion's Care Tech

The Companion Watch is simple to use, works day and night, anywhere, without the need for home base stations, internet or wifi connectivity. This means heart rate and activity is constantly being measured and monitored 24 hours a day no matter what the wearer is doing, or were they are.

The Companion Service covers all voice and data network communication, alerts and alarms, as well as all heart rate and activity analytics. This means all the heart rate and activity data is turned into meaningful insights.

Prevention through personalisation

Empower the wearer and their support network: The Companion service makes the watch wearers health metrics available, securely, to their support network - allowing them to support activity and behavior changes. Then see and track the impact of these changes.

GP’s and health professional insights: by gaining access to these health metrics, they can see the wearers data, whilst they go about their daily life - rather than relying on snapshots at appointments, consultations or intermittent manual monitoring. The impact of any health interventions can then also be tracked longitudinally over time.

Performance monitoring

Sharing Data: Longitudinal data and analytics can be directly shared by the person or their support network with health professionals via the app and portal. Alternatively and with the persons consent, health organisations can use the Companion API to bring together disparate datasets from other systems, to provide a holistic view of a personal wider health record.

Early warning support: a persons heart rate and heart rate variability estimated trending help highlight the need for positive intervention.

Early Intervention: Alerts are raised to the support network when a persons heart rate and heart rate variability exceeds a high or low threshold (functionality coming soon).

Scaling cardiovascular disease prevention…

Companion Technology is very keen to support this agenda and happy to talk to innovative organisations that wish to use the Companion Care Tech in the fight against cardiovascular disease. We will support the health and care sector who wish to;

Refer patients and self funders to Companion

Allow personal budget holders to purchase a Companion

Showcase Companion as an example of good practice

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