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How does a Personal Alarm increase independence?

The ever-increasing cost of care is putting strain on an already overstretched NHS and pushing many families into debt. As more becomes known about the value of preventative measures, more elderly people are using technology to understand and improve their wellbeing and independence.

Our Companion Watch is a discreet personal alarm offering connectivity between the watch wearer and their support network, providing reassurance for families across the UK. Your loved one may be concerned that a personal alarm could take away from their independence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Companion Watch as an aid to support independent living and can keep people living safely at home for longer.

Here are 5 ways that the Companion Watch personal alarm is increasing and ensuring independence..

1. Automatic falls detection

For many seniors living independently, our automatic falls detection feature brings great comfort for the watch wearer and their family. Thanks to the in-built accelerometer and altitude meter, our intelligent Companion Watch automatically registers when the wearer has a fall and raises an alert with the support network, giving reassurance and the ability to get help quickly if required.

2. Waterproof for peace of mind when showering

Most falls occur in the bathroom, and if you’re elderly and/or living alone, it’s common to be worried about showering and bathing. The Companion Watch is waterproof* and can be used in the shower, allowing the wearer to carry on with their daily routine safe in the knowledge that their wellbeing is still being monitored. Many wearers feel safe and confident using the bathroom knowing that should an accident happen; a fall alert will be raised.

3. Ability to make an SOS call in an emergency

A personal alarm ensures the wearer can call for help when needed in the event of an emergency. By pressing the SOS button on the watch, it sends out an alert to the support network, letting them know assistance is required and securely sharing the wearer’s location. The watch wearer and support network can talk via the watch microphone and speaker.

4. Works out and about

You may be worried that your personal alarm will only work in your house, but care technology has evolved to work while the wearer is on-the-go. Unlike a pendant alarm designed for the home, the Companion Watch can be used out and about. So, whether the wearer is enjoying the garden or a walk to the local shop, they can be confident leaving their home, knowing that their wellbeing is being monitored.

5. Gives you access to wellbeing data

Whenever the Companion Watch is being worn, it is collecting wellness information about the wearer including activity, heart rate and respiratory rate. This is then displayed simply through the Companion App, allowing the wearer and support network to review it using their mobile, tablet or desktop devices. All data is clearly labelled and can also be shared with GPs.

Both the watch wearer and family members have peace of mind that if any excessive variability in health metrics is detected, this will be alerted to them via the app.

Find out more about the Companion Watch

*The Companion Watch is waterproof to IP67 specifications, meaning it is waterproof to a depth of 1m and safe to wear in the shower. Simply dab the watch dry with a towel when finished, to protect the strap.


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