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Dementia action week is here!

Run by Alzheimer's Society, this year's campaign focuses on the theme of diagnosis.

The number of people diagnosed with dementia has experienced a sustained drop, and Alzheimer's UK undertook research to understand the key barriers and benefits to getting a diagnosis. They found that there is a misconception around memory loss being part of getting old. The biggest barriers for those experiencing symptoms to seek a diagnosis are being in denial and long referral times to specialists.

This Dementia Action week is focused on encouraging those who might be living with, or close to someone who might be living with undiagnosed dementia, to recognise the symptoms and feel confident enough to take the first step towards diagnosis.

We understand this can be scary, however, research has found that it is possible to ‘live well’ with mild-to-moderate dementia while living alone, as long as the appropriate support is given.

You can find out more about Dementia Action week and view helpful resources on the Alzheimer's Society website.

Win your own Companion Watch!

The Companion Watch was developed to help the elderly and those facing cognitive challenges, such as Dementia, to live independently and safely at home for as long as possible.

In honour of Dementia Action week, we’re giving away a Companion Watch, plus a year’s free subscription to Companion service. To enter, simply fill in this form!

How does the Companion Watch help people living with Dementia?

With an inbuilt GPS tracker, the watch is an excellent wandering alarm and allows you to set up an alert system if the watch wearer exits the safe zone. The Companion Watch will alert the nominated support network and securely share their location with you, so you can respond to the situation. The watch also comes with falls detection and monitors the wearer's wellbeing.

Find out more about how the Companion Watch is empowering dementia and cognitive support.


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